In Grupo EFFICE we understand CRS as a voluntary comminment in our management, goverment and strategy.  A challenge that focuses on sustainable from an economic, social and environmentall perspective. Our commitment does not respond to a marketing nor a corporate visibility strategy, it is the result of the concern of the people who make this team and is characterized by a modern and dynamic vision in the social and environmental actions that we undertake  

This understanding of CSR, is part of our identity, a commitment that is orientated in a special way to our employees, customers and suppliers. EFFICE GROUP works with principles based on human rights, labor, environmental and anti-corruption practices.

CSR areas:
-Responsible consumption.
-Sustainable Production.
-Advice and support, aimed at nonprofits organizations.
-Responsible investing: direct financing to projects by the enterprises and search for other donors.
-Public Policies.
-Internal Participation: Reflects the feelings and concerns of employees of the company, is voluntary and participatory.
-Education for development.

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