Effice Research (English)

Effice Research is a full service contract research organization serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries as well as independent researchers. We offer to our clients design, maintenance, and management of local and international clinical trials.

The high performance standards maintained by Efficer Research are founded on the depth of drug development experience of our staff and a mature and proven approach to project management.

We combine this experience and solid management practices with an underlying attitude of excellence and accomplishment. Our business is to conduct clinical research with the same level of commitment as if we owned the project. We work for you, the client, as your agent and consultants with the goal to have your project succeed. We are dedicated to «bringing science to development.» As such, we actively offer our perspective for your consideration in both strategic and tactical development situations.

Our computing environment provides us with sophisticated support systems to communicate and manage data and information in a timely, efficient fashion. Our work environment drives us to achieving timely results. We will work hard to earn and conduct your projects; we fully accept the responsibility you entrust to us when you engage EfficeResearch as your contract clinical development partner.


CLinical Operations

Established in 2004 as a clinical research organization serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.

EfficeResearch has focused its expertise in the following areas:

  • Clinical Trial Management
  • Investigator Recruitment
  • Data Management/Biostatistics
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Medical Writing
  • Safety Surveillance
  • RWE and NIS



EfficeResearch provides a full range of customized data services. Our teams are dedicated to designing a project management solution in order to guarantee reliable and timely completion of milestones. Our goal is to ensure the integrity of your data and organize your results into a clear and compelling presentation.

Biostatistics and Statistical Programming Services

  • Strategic development consulting
  • Independent DMC support
  • Analysis plan development
  • ISS/ISE database preparation and analyses
  • Randomization planning and implementation
  • Data mining/Exploratory Analyses
  • Protocol development/sample size planning
  • SAS® programming for interim and final analyses
  • eCRF development
  • Regulatory and Advisory meeting support

EfficeResearch statisticians, all either Ph.D. or M.S. level, are familiar with regulatory requirements and skilled in robust statistical methodologies. Our experience with specialized techniques includes Cox models, GEE models, and exact testing. Our Statistical Programmers are highly flexible and experienced using SAS®, which enables our ability to generate and QA report quality summaries and listings to your specifications.


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